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Happy Holiday Homes (CH) Sagl
Via Campo Marzio 13
6900 Lugano, Switzerland
Tel CH: +41 (0)43 5005983
Tel UK: +44 (0)207 0990868
Tel IT: +39 0344 538104
Tel NL: +31 (0)30 8200010
Tel DE: +49 211 95987111
Tel US: +1 703 8943196
Information Center

From Wednesday the 13th of April 2016, the Happy Holiday Homes Information Center will no longer be available via www.happyholidaylakecomo.com.

We have changed the name of the website to www.happyholidayhomes.net.

The new 'Data Center' can be found at www.happyholidayhomes.net/datacenter.
If you prefer you can also serve to www.happyholidayhomes.net and then select 'Login'.

The new site is working exactly as the old one.

Please make sure to update your old bookmarks to the new location.